Eco-Friendly Struvite & Wastewater Treatment Products

Struvite, also referred to as MAP by the wastewater industry, is a phosphate mineral that forms on the interior of pipes, pumps, anaerobic digesters, and other water treatment equipment. The formation of struvite scale and rock crystals slows the flow of fluid and over time, can clog and damage your wastewater systems.

Safer and Effective Struvite Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Struvite Removal has over 30 years of experience providing effective cleaning solutions for the industrial sector. Customers from Wastewater Treatment Plants, CAFO Operations, Food Processing, and industries with hardwater scale buildup rely on our Struvite Wastewater Treatment and Industrial Descaler products for a variety of applications.

Our environmentally friendly and non-corrosive Struvite Remover STSR and Scale Remover STSR provide you with a safer and more cost-effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

We start with a free consultation to walk you through the struvite wastewater treatment or industrial descaler process and supply free samples to test on your scale. Our team can also test your samples in our lab to determine the most straightforward and cost-effective method of struvite scale removal and prevention.

Struvite Removal and Industrial Descaler Products

We offer a complete line of Struvite Wastewater Remover and Industrial Descaler products to remove scale from your pipes and system components. Our eco-friendly formulas remove struvite, vivianite, and other mineral formations safely and help prevent reformation. The versatility of STSR allows use in foaming and recirculation applications or as a soak or low-pressure spray.

  • Struvite Remover STSR: Our buffered, non-corrosive and non-hazardous struvite scale remover dissolves scale and rock without damaging pipe metal or pump components.
  • Vivianite Remover: Struvite Wastewater Remover STSR is effective at eliminating hard to remove vivianite crystal formations from pipes.
  • Scale Remover STSR: Our buffered, non-corrosive and non-hazardous industrial descaler dissolve limescale, hard water scale, calcium buildup, and rust from HVAC components and other industrial equipment.
  • Struvite Prevention STSP: Our product keeps MAP in solution and lowers the pH to prevent struvite from forming in your operation, eliminating inefficiencies and downtime.
  • Vivianite Prevention: Using Struvite Prevention STSP in dosing applications to prevent vivianite scale formation.  

Industrial Cleaning & Degreasing Products

We formulated our industrial deodorizers, degreasers, and cleaner products for versatility. The environmentally friendly formulas are safe to use around workers and will not damage surfaces or irritate unbroken skin.

  • Micro Blaze Spill Control and FOG: This non-toxic formula contains biological activators that break down and digest hydrocarbons, pollutants, and organic waste. Our spill control solution also eliminates flammability and controls vapors.
  • JP-Scavenger for Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S): Neutralize odors in caused by H2S gas, ammonia, trimethylamine, and methyl mercaptan. This formula is safe to use in collection systems, tanks, digesters, and more.
  • JP-D Industrial Deodorizer: Eliminate strong odors caused by smoke, mildew, food, and bacteria. Our biodegradable industrial deodorizer comes in three pleasant scents.
  • JP-Pine Deodorant Cleaner: Our pine-scented industrial cleanser and deodorizer is safe to use on metal, porcelain, tile, and flooring.
  • JP-Energy Plus Red (EPR) Industrial Degreaser: Tackle tough oil residue and remove stains with our general-purpose cleaner and degreaser.

Learn How to Remove Struvite from Wastewater Treatment Systems

Struvite precipitation and formation, as well as scale buildup, has always been a problem, which is why we offer products for your struvite control and scale removal.

Contact us for your free consultation and samples today, or with any questions you may have.

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