Struvite in Recreational Vehicle (RV) Removal and Treatment

What is struvite?

Struvite is a crystal that occurs naturally, mostly in places such as wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), confined animal feeding operations (CAFO), food processing, and other industries where magnesium, ammonia, and phosphate are present.

Struvite can also form in Recreational Vehicles (RV), whereas it has the magnesium, ammonia, phosphate in the holding takes due to the hard water, ammonia and other organic matter coming together.

The struvite or scale can range in color and thickness. Struvite can prove to be a major problem for Recreational Vehicle (RV) owners as hydro-flushing, mechanical cleaning or the use of acids are needed to rid of the buildup that can cause clogs in the pipes and systems.

Struvite Remover STSR for Struvite Removal in Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Struvite Removal offers a buffered acid product, Struvite Remover STSR, that is non-corrosive to steel and unbroken skin that will break down and dissolve your scale buildup. We consider it to be the black tank technology chemical needed to remove scale from your system.

Depending on the amount of scale, can do a solution of 10-100% of the product mixed with water, and let the product sit in your holding tank for a few hours to overnight to remove the scale, or optimize the product by mixing or mini-recirculation.

RV holding tanks need maintenance and cleaning as does everything else, with the buildup being greater, other costs and expenses may rise, check your tank and send us an email today!

Struvite Remover lab test showing its effectiveness

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