Struvite Products

Struvite removal pipe
Struvite Remover Applied to Half of Struvite filled pipe
Struvite prevention pipe
Remove Struvite and prevent it from occurring again!

Struvite Removal Products

Jayne Products has developed a line of products for wastewater treatment plants and scale removal, including pipelines and concentrated animal feeding operations. These products are specific formulations for the removal and prevention of struvite, as well as vivianite and other scales. We encourage you to call us to discuss your situation and to receive your free product samples so you can conduct your own laboratory tests.

Struvite Remover and Descaler (JS 9325)

JS 9325 is a liquid solvent that has proven itself a superior Struvite and Vivianite removal solution over the past four years in numerous wastewater treatment plants (referrals provided upon request), it is an environmentally safe product that allows personnel to use it effectively and safely. JS 9325 penetrates beneath the struvites and scales surface generating a high removal rate. Making up a concentration as low as 10% of JS 9325 and recirculating overnight gives the chelating action time to achieve optimum removal. As you increase the concentration the removal rate is greater and faster.

Struvite and Vivianite Prevention (JS 9310)

JS 9310 is a very active struvite dispersant that can be fed directly into the anaerboic digester, sludge transfer lines or in front of the dewatering system. Dispersants by definition create an ionic charge on the molecule surface, which prevents them from mechanical bridging to create a denser particle.

A lot of struvite dispersants on the market use an anionic dispersant. Anionic dispersants can easily increase the cost of dewatering your solid. Using JS 9310, we use a nonionic charge that helps to lower dewatering cost.
In the case of JS 9310, an improved struvite dispersant, we have developed a solution that chelates the magnesium ion whether it is in solution or a deposit. We have found that at dosages between 30-90ppm, we can inhibit the formation of struvite and vivianite.